About us


ENSOF Ltd. was established in summer 2005 in order to provide IT solutions to various type of customers. With a combination of different approaches, we are offering a unique solution for everyone. Dealing with difficult cases is in ENSOF accepted as challenges. Our team consists of specialists in all IT areas; therefore we can oversee and develop high-quality projects. ENSOF’s main target is the development of softwareIT innovations, mobile apps and web applications. With ten years of experience in the field, we adapt easily and learn quickly.


ENSOF EUROPE has got 3 divisions:

  • ENSOF TECHNOLOGY is mainly focused on software and web development and information technology
  • ENSOF INNOVATIONS offers innovative technology solutions with a wide use in various fields, especially in biotechnologies
  • ENSOF CREATIVE is specialized at professional photography and creative design of logos, prints, webdesign and other.

ENSOF EUROPE belongs to ENSOF GROUP INTERNATIONAL and has got a related company based in Singapore – ENSOF ASIA-PACIFIC PTE. Ltd.

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